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Thai AirAsia is a subsidiary of Thailand's Asia Aviation and Malaysian low-fare airline AirAsia. Today, it is the second largest Thai airline after Thai Airways International.

The airline was launched on February 2004, and the first flight was from Bangkok-Don Mueang to Hat Yai.

Thai AirAsia regularly serves international and domestic flights from Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. It was Thailand's first low-cost airline to operate international and domestic flights. In 2012, Thai AirAsia shifted all operations from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Don Mueang International Airport.


Thai AirAsia has a fleet of 62 aircraft comprising 51 Airbus A320-200s and 11 Airbus A320neos.

The aircraft offers two categories of seats, which includes:

  • Hot Seats – These seats are at the front of the aircraft and emergency exit rows. Hot Seats offers a 29" pitch and a 16-17" width. You can be comfortable with at least 20.3 inches of legroom on hot seats. In addition, you will also get to board first.
  • Standard Seats – With a 28" pitch and a width of 16-17", the standard leather seats of the Airbus A320 will ensure a comfortable trip.

Thai AirAsia Destinations

The airline flies to 67 destinations in many regions, including Australia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

Thai AirAsia Baggage Allowances

Checked Baggage Allowance

When you book your ticket, you don't get any check-in luggage included, so if you need to take anything in addition to your cabin baggage, then you have to pay for a weight allowance from the following options: 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 40kg.

Any individual bag you check in must be less than 32kg and have dimensions less than 119cm x 119cm x 81cm. But you can bring any number of bags as long as they don't exceed your purchased weight. Theoretically, you could buy the 40kg option and bring 80 bags, each weighing 0.5kg. However, we're not sure why you would want to do that!

Cabin Baggage Allowance

Passengers are permitted one carry-on bag onboard, which should be less than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (including wheels, handles, and side pockets) in size.

In addition, you can also bring a handbag, laptop bag, backpack, or any other small bag as long as it doesn't exceed 40cm x 30cm x 10cm. This item should fit underneath the seat in front of you. The total weight of these two bags should be less than 7kg.

How to check in?

Online check-in

Log in to or the AirAsia mobile app and enter your last name and booking number up to 14 days before departure. You will get an e-boarding pass or a 2D barcode, which you can use to print your boarding pass at the airport via check-in machines or ticket counters.

Online check-in closes 1 hour before the departure of domestic flights and 4 hours before international flights. Once you arrive at the airport, drop your checked baggage at the baggage counter at least an hour before the departure.

Check-in at the airport

The airport counters open 3 hours before the international flight departure and 2 hours before the domestic flight departure.

You can check in 1 hour before the flight departure time with your valid passport, visa, or credit card used for booking.

Payment Methods

The airline has multiple payment channels and is available in most currencies to suit everyone's needs.

  • Credit or Debit Card: Payment can be made using a MasterCard, Visa, or Amex credit card. The ticket will be issued once the payment is confirmed.
  • BigPay: You can pay using your BigPay card without any processing fee.
  • Internet Banking: Payment is possible through your Thai Internet Banking apps or platforms, including CIMB Clicks and FPX.
  • UnionPay: You can pay using UnionPay.
  • E-Gift Voucher (eGV): Electronic Gift Voucher (eGV) is a credit-based voucher for passengers to use towards paying for their tickets. The flights and add-ons can be paid for using a unique voucher code.
  • BIG points: Now, passengers can also pay for flights and add-ons with a minimum of 100 BIG points. This method is not available via Manage My Booking.

BIG Loyalty Programme

BIG is Thai AirAsia's loyalty programme, which lets members earn points on flights and other purchases and redeem them for flights, hotel stays, and other prizes.

To enrol in the BIG loyalty programme, you must register a BIG account using the Thai AirAsia website or mobile app. After creating an account, you may earn points on flights and qualifying transactions. You may earn points on flights operated by Thai AirAsia and AirAsia, as well as various partner goods and services.

You may redeem your points by logging into your BIG account and perusing the available prizes. You may redeem points for flights, hotel stays, and vehicle rentals, among other things. Read the terms and conditions before redeeming your points, as specific incentives may have blackout periods or other limitations.

BIG members can earn and use points, but they also get perks like early check-in and boarding, special deals and discounts, and special promotions.

The BIG loyalty programme allows Thai AirAsia customers to earn points and access extra travel advantages. Consider joining the programme if you are a regular Thai AirAsia passenger to take advantage of these perks.

How to Earn BIG Points?

BigPay: You can use the BigPay app to pay for your travels and save on every AirAsia booking. You can even enjoy what they call the "real" exchange rate when traveling abroad with no fees.

Travel: Whenever you rent a car, book a hotel, visit attractions or take part in leisure activities with BIG's travel partners, you earn BIG points.

Lifestyle: Enjoy the attractive discount and earn BIG points from shopping with the airline's lifestyle partners.

Points Conversion: You can also convert your bank and other loyalty points to BIG Points for exclusive rewards.

BIG Loyalty: Visit AirAsia's events, where you can play games and enter contests to earn BIG Points.

How to Redeem BIG Points?

Final Call Sale: Passengers can redeem a one-way flight from 500 BIG points.

Redeem Promo Flights: BIG Fixed Points allow you to save up to 70% on your flights.

Hotels: With BIG points, members can enjoy great deals on hotels.

Travel Activities and Activities: With BIG points, you can get an exciting travel itinerary packed with activities, attractions, and hand-picked activities in more than 130 destinations.

Lifestyle: Passengers can get many lifestyle offerings from more than 238 partners.

BIG Points Top-Up: If you run out of big points or want to save them for other rewards, you can even buy extra BIG points to redeem on your flights.

Discounted Flights: Passengers can use BIG points to get a discount on ticket prices.

Additional Services


With Thai AirAsia, passengers can pick their favourite seat with an option known as Pick A Seat. Passengers can pick an aisle, window seat, or just a seat with their family and friends for a small additional fee.

However, if you've purchased the Value Pack bundle or are flying Premium Flatbed or Premium Flex, you can choose to Pick A Seat for free. The value pack is a selection of pre-book add-ons that passengers could buy at the time of booking at a discounted price. These add-ons include 20kg checked baggage, meals, and the option to pick a standard seat.

How to book a Value Pack?

  1. Search for your flight as usual.
  2. Click on your preferred "Low Fare."
  3. Click on "Add now" under Value Pack.
  4. Proceed with the usual booking steps.