6 Steps to Grabbing Cheap Flights


Are you always hearing people talking about the cheap deal that friends get on domestic flights but when you check the prices they always seem to be twice as much? Do you find that when you check the fares to your next getaway the airline website seems to give you the most expensive fares or that the seats in the advertised promotion are sold out?

You’re not alone. Getting bargain prices can be really tricky, which is why your friends are so keen to brag about the bargains they get. Add to that the frustrations you occasionally get when websites are slow, or they show the ticket price in the wrong currency, or even worse, the wrong language, and after hours of searching, you’re left thoroughly dejected. It’s normal. But with the following tips you’ll be able to get the best flight deals without having to break the bank.

1. Be an airline stalker

Most travelers who are experts in getting the cheapest flights take advantage of stalking the airlines’ social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best for these. Don’t just follow their accounts, but make it a priority by using Facebook's ‘See First’ button so you’ll see latest deal as soon as the company publishes the promotion on their timeline, without having the post listed way beneath other posts. And remember to keep logging in so you get the chance to see the latest updates. 

If subscribing to all the airlines pages seems like a chore then let us do the work for you. Simply subscribe to DomesticFlightThailand's page and we'll publish all the promotions for you.

2. Use your rewards

Applying to the airline’s loyalty, or frequent flyer programs will give you a big headstart in getting those cheap flight deals. They'll not only give you access to exclusive deals direct from the airlines, but you’ll also be eligible to earn rewards for every flight you take, and you’ll also get VIP treatment with benefits such as priority check-in, increased baggage allowances, priority boarding and even VIP lounge access!

Go ahead and apply as a loyal member and accumulate enough points so you can fly for free! The deals don’t get any better than that!

An important thing to note is that rewards are not only earned from paying for a flights but also by purchasing products from airline’s partners such as supermarkets, hotels, and tourism-related operators, among others. For more information we’ve put together a guide to Thailand airlines’s loyalty programs.

3. Avoid booking for peak season

One of the important considerations a savvy traveler keeps in mind when booking a flight is the date where special activities are held at their destination.

In Thailand, the months of November to March are considered peak season as tourist arrivals tend to reach a peak. Flights will also be busier during April at the tail-end of peak season when it’s the Songkran festival (Thai New Year) and Chinese new year is also guaranteed to be packed.

4. Be flexible

This tip follows on from number 3. Not only do flights reduce in price during the low season but also at the start and end of the day. Not so many people are keen to get a flight at 6am as it typically involves setting the alarm for 4am our earlier if you don't live close to the airport.

Similarly, the last few flights of the day at, say 11pm or midnight have a much smaller appeal so these flights are always lower in price.  Contrast that with, say a flight on a Friday at 6pm when people are sure to be commuting, or taking a weekend trip, and the airlines know that they can increase the fare and still have a full plane.

Another way to be flexible is to book your travel around the bargains. When you find a deal that will make your friends jealous, book it straight away!  You can then deal with reserving a hotel and other aspects of the trip as the prices of these will vary less than the flight.

Being flexible about flight times is one of the important tricks to securing a cheap flight deal.

5. Book on the first day of the sale

You may be at work, or busy running errands when your chosen airline suddenly announced a flash or three-day sale. But don’t let the opportunity pass you by. You need to try and book as early as possible! Remember that promotional fares are limited and expect your ‘competition’ to be already scrambling for the cheap deals upon announcement.

When you hear about an upcoming sale set your alarm so you’re ready to be the first online!

6. Keep checking fares

In times that there are no seat promo announcements, you can be sure that cheap flights are available through online booking engines. Domestic Flights Thailand has teamed up with kiwi.com because they offer bookings for all the low-cost airlines and they make it easy to compare the fares and times you want to travel. 

Simply carry out a search on any of the pages on the site and we’ll provide you with an unbeatable offer!