Really Cool Airlines to launch in December (Really!)

23rd Mar 2023

Really Cool Airlines Plane

According to its supporters, Really Cool Airlines is a new carrier in Thailand that seeks to provide travellers with an extraordinary flight experience. Patee Sarasin, the company's creator, was formerly the CEO of Thailand's economy carrier Nok Air and is now the CEO of the Really Really Cool travel agency. The company intends to purchase four Airbus A350s by the end of 2023 to travel from Bangkok to locations in Asia, Australia, and Europe. The airline plans to reveal its route network in the following months and anticipates commencing operations by December 2023.

The airline claims to provide travellers with a luxury experience transcending standard seat layouts and freight management and pledges to disrupt these standards. The aircraft's news release claims it will be controlled by "crypto-native citizens" from "Really Cool Air GameFi." However, there are concerns about how the airline will be financed. The aircraft promises to be the world's first "GameFi" provider, enabling passengers to play blockchain-based games in which they can purchase, sell, or exchange in-game goods. How this will help finance the company or how it will appear on long-distance trips is still being determined.

The airline's name and slogan, "We fly the future," have gotten a lot of attention, but its long-term viability and ability to compete with other well-known airlines are questioned. However, Sarasin's previous expertise in the tourism industry, including establishing alliances with the Maldives and other premium locations, could offer him an advantage. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is collaborating closely with Really Cool Airlines to boost the number of visitors via plane travel; the government's goal for this year is 30 million visits. It remains to be seen how the carrier will contend with other Thai companies that have battled with long-distance travel, despite the internet's excitement over the news.