Trat Destination Guide

Trat Airport

Trat is Thailand's eastern most province, located about 315km from Bangkok. A small province, it borders on Cambodia with the Khao Banthat mountain range providing a natural division between the two countries. Trat has over 52 offshore islands with lengthy, white sandy beaches and unblemished coral reefs, the region is also a major fruit-growing and fishing area. The city of Trat is a starting point for visitors to the islands of Ko Chang and Koh Kuud. If you love to shop Trat has many markets due to the coastal trade with Cambodia. Trat is also a significant ruby-mining area; the famous gem market of Bo Rai District is only 50 km north of the Cambodian border.

Koh Chang is the largest of the islands in Koh Chang National Marine Park and the second largest island in Thailand. Most of the area is rainforest and there are a range of hills, the highest (Khao Jom Prasat) nearly 800 meters high. The overall effect is very dramatic, add to that the outstanding bays and beaches and you have some incredible scenery. Home to a wild array of wildlife, you might get to see a variety of birds, snakes, deer and elephants. The area is superb if you like to snorkel or dive, the best time to dive here is between November and April as the waters are calmer and visibility is at its best. For more advanced divers there is a Thai warship that was sunk by the French in 1941. The island is also a great place for hikes, and it is possible to walk from one side of the island to the other (although it’s not advisable without a guide). Elephant rides into the jungle are also popular.

Koh Kuud is the second largest island in the park with some excellent views, coconut groves, rubber plantations, wonderful beaches and a number of beautiful waterfalls in particular the 3 tier Klong Jao. Almost all of Koh Kuud is un-spoilt and the development there has been has been well thought out. The island has numerous beaches on its west coast, check out Hap Tapho, Klong Yaikee Beach, Tapo Beach, Paol Bay and Tadean Bay.