Hua Hin Airport

Hua Hin Airport

Hua Hin Town is only 300 km from Bangkok and many people travel here by road. Until recently, the only flights available from Hua Hin Airport were with SGA Airlines who operated a daily shuttle service to/from Bangkok. The aircraft was a small Cessna Grand Caravan with a total of 36 seats and the flight only took 30 to 45 minutes.

There are currently no scheduled passenger flights from hua Hin Airport.

Hua Hin is a small airport, about 15 minutes north of Hua Hin town centre. It has not always had a good reputation as there have been various plans to increase the schedule and provide flights to include Samui and Pattaya, but nothing has come of this. Recently there has been a lot of expansion, the runway has been extended and terminal facilities upgraded to an International airport, but again nothing else has happened. Perhaps in the future.

Check-in time is 35 minutes before departure. Departures and arrivals to and from Bangkok at present use Suvarnabhumi International Airport which makes connections for international flights easier. Ensure you confirm which airport is being used when you book your flights.

On arrival at the Hua Hin airport you will find local taxis available to take you to town.

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