Nan Airport

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Nan Nakhon Airport is a regional airport serving the province of Nan in Thailand. It is currently served by two airlines - Wisdom Airways and Thai AirAsia - which have flights to Chiang Mai International Airport and Don Muang International Airport, respectively.

Nan Airport is located just a few kilometers away from the city center and 700 kilometers away from Bangkok. Driving from the airport to the city center only takes about five minutes.


Nan Airport is equipped with several facilities such as a ticket sales counter, a children’s playground, and retail outlets where souvenirs and local goods are sold.

Found inside the airport are a number of car-rental booths with services offered by Avis and Thai Rent A Car.

Transport Options

Passengers arriving at Nan Nakhon Airport can only be offered two transport options: by metered taxi or by car-rental.

By Car Rental

As said above, car-rental booths provided by Avis and Thai Rent A Car are located just inside the airport. You can opt to book a service as soon as you land at the airport.

By Taxi

Nan Nakhon Airport offers taxi services to passengers. Taking this option would save you more than renting a car and it likewise offers the same convenience.