Frequent Flyer Programs in Thailand

Man Sitting Plane

If you fly a lot, going through airports and sitting in planes can become quite a burden. The good news is that if you do spend a lot of time in the air, many airlines reward frequent flyers for their loyalty.

Many carriers offer what are commonly known as frequent flyer programs. This means that as you use their services, you can accumulate points, and these points can earn you special rewards such as discounts on flights and upgrades on seating.

Here’s a look at some of the best frequent flyer programs for Thai based operators.

Thai Airways   

Thai Airways, which is Thailand’s main carrier, offers what is known as Royal Orchid Plus. Royal Orchid Plus is a 4-tiered system and each system is reached by attaining a certain number of miles from flights and associated services. To qualify for the higher tiers, passengers will need to fly Royal silk or Royal first classes.

Potential rewards include upgrades and discounts on affiliated services including hotels etc., with benefits increasing with each tier. Royal Orchid Plus passengers also get other benefits such as priority check-in, priority standby, and dedicated check in. Members also get access to exclusive Royal Orchid Plus lounges at select airports.

Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways offers passengers the FlyerBonus program. Points are accumulated when flying with the airline and also when using other services that are affiliated with the program. The program is a two-tiered system, with members reaching the Premier tier after travelling 35 qualifying sectors and/or attaining 12,500 qualifying points in one year.

Potential rewards include discounts on flights, class upgrades, increased baggage allowance and vouchers to select hotels, car rental services and other services. Members also get access to the Blue Ribbon Club Lounge at select airports.

Air Asia   

Air Asia offer the Big Loyalty frequent flyer program. It is a 4-tiered system and promotion to each tier is dependant on having flown through a certain number of qualifying sectors. Points can also be earned by using associated services

Members to the club are able to redeem their points for discounts on flights. Perks include priority check and baggage handling, discounts, free gifts and special promotions from affiliated members.

Nok Air

Nok air is a budget carrier that services mostly domestic flights, in addition to a handful of regional international flights. The airline has its own frequent flyer program, known as the Nok Fan Club.

Members get to earn points from flying with the airline, and members get various benefits such as priority check in, extra baggage allowance and premium seats.

Thai Lion Air   

The Lion Air passport gives you the opportunity to accumulate miles in exchange for free air tickets. Other benefits include increased baggage allowance, priority boarding, priority check-in and private lounge access.

Thai Smile

Thai Smile is a budget regional airline that is owned by Thai Airways. As such, passengers who fly with Thai Smile get to use Thai Airway’s Royal Orchid Plus frequent flyers program. They share the same benefits and rewards, and flights from both airlines can contribute to your membership’s miles tally.

Thai Vietjet Air

As the name suggests, Thai Vietjet Air is a carrier that is Vietnamese owned and operates out of Thailand. Unfortunately, the airline does not currently offer a frequent flyer program. However, the airline does offer the SkyBoss membership programme, and this gives flyers access to a private lounge at select airports.