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Thai Vietjet Air is a low-cost Thai carrier and subsidiary of Vietnamese VietJet Air. The airline is headquartered in Samut Prakan, Thailand.

After receiving its Air Operator’s Certificate in November 2014, Thai Vietjet Air commenced operations on 29 March 2015. The first flight took off from its hub in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport and flew to Phuket International Airport.

Thai Vietjet Air is an official member of IATA with IOSA’s (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certificate.

To date, they have been honoured with nine significant international awards and 32 domestic awards. Vietjet Air was even named “One of the Top 500 Brands in Asia[1] [2] [3]  2016.” They were also awarded “The Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier” at the TTG Travel Awards 2015.


Thai Vietjet Air has a fleet of 9 aircraft, made up of 3 Airbus A321-200s and 6 Airbus A320-200s.

The A321-200s have 230 seats and the A320-200s are slightly smaller with 200.

Thai Vietjet Air Destinations

Currently, Thai Vietjet Air covers over 30 regional destinations, including Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Japan, Myanmar, and Hong Kong.

Thai VietJet Baggage Allowances

Carry on baggage

Passengers can check in 1 piece of carry on baggage plus an additional smaller bag like a laptop case or handbag. The total weight of these combined must be less than 7kg.The dimensions of the handbag should not be more than 56cm × 36cm × 23 cm.

Small bags include:

  • Lady's handbag (dimensions must not exceed 30cm × 20cm × 10 cm)
  • Jacket bag (dimensions must not exceed 114cm × 60cm × 11cm)
  • Laptop bag (dimensions must not exceed 40cm × 30cm × 10cm)

Note: Any carry on bag without a Vietjet tag is not allowed to board the aircraft so make sure your hand luggage bags get tags before you get on the plane.

Checked Baggage

All checked in abaggae must be paid for and you select the weight allowance prior to flying. The maxmimum weight for any single checked in item must be is 32kgs and dimensions should be no greater than 119cm × 119cm × 81cm.

How to make a booking online?

  1. Go to the official website of VietJet Air.
  2. Select flight time and fare class.
  3. Enter your contact information, including Name, Address, Country etc.
  4. Select your preferred seat, along with additional services and items like travel insurance and meals.
  5. Select your mode of payment and proceed.
  6. After rechecking all the information, including Tax, Prices, Add-on services, check the dialog box “Select the box” to approve all conditions.
  7. Lastly, the system will confirm the itinerary information and the booking reference number with payment time.

Alternatively use our search form to get cheap prices.

Payment Methods

  • Direct Payment: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB credit cards are accepted.
  • Booking Offices: Passengers can pay for the ticket in cash at the booking offices of VietJet Air. Payment is also accepted at any Accepted Bill Payment Point.

Additional services

Priority Check-In Service

Thai Vietjet Air allows passengers to purchase a Priority Check-In Service which allows passengers to check in at the airline's Skyboss counter to avoid long queues at the airport.

You can buy this service either during the initial booking or afterwards, up to 3 hours before your scheduled departure. Opt for any one of the following methods:

  • Go to “Manage my booking” by visiting the airline’s official site.
  • Visit any Vietjet ticketing office or official ticketing agent.

VietJet Skyboss

In addition to normal economy class, VietJet has a premium economy class called VietJet Skyboss. This was developed for business travelers, but of course anyone can take advantage of the benefits.

With a VietJet Skyboss ticket, passengers can take advantage of:

  • Priority check-in: check in at a separate counter and drop off their luggage faster.
  • Priority boarding: be the first to board and don’t have to wait in a long queue for boarding.
  • More Comfortable Seats: Skyboss passengers can be seated in the first three rows, which have more legroom.
  • Free luggage: With a Skyboss ticket, passengers are automatically entitled to 30kg of baggage and 10kg of hand luggage.
  • Priority luggage: Your luggage will be given a priority tag and will arrive at the baggage conveyor first.
  • Flexibility – date, time and distance change: You can rebook a Skyboss ticket without any additional fees. If needed, you only have to pay the difference in the ticket price.