Ranong Destination Guide

Ranong Airport

Situated 586 kilometres south of Bangkok and occupying an area of 3,298 square kilometres, Ranong borders Myanmar and in parts is just 44 kilometres wide – making it the narrowest section of Thailand. The province has the country’s longest monsoon season, lasting 8 months a year and it contains various natural attractions including unspoiled mangrove forests and hot springs, renowned for their therapeutic value.

A mountainous and densely forested province, Ranong is traditionally known as a fishing and trading port. It was settled by the Hokkian Chinese and their strong influence is still evident in the town today. Ranong town is a gateway to Myanmar, with colourful long tail boats boats transporting people and produce across the narrow divide that spans the 2 countries. The traffic is increasingly heavier since a casino opened at Victoria Point. The famous hot springs is just 2 kilometers east of Ranong town and close by you can also visit the Raksawarin Park arboretum and stay at various first-class hotels catering to visitors eager to benefit from the mineral waters. There are three main pools: the Father Pool, the Mother Pool and the Child Pool. The water from each of these springs, which maintains a year-round temperature of 65 °C, is considered so pure that it was used during important ceremonies to celebrate the 60th Birthday of King Bhumibhol, Thailand’s current monarch.

There is no admission fee related to visiting the springs but the Arboretum has various charges for its health treatments.