Are Food and Drinks too Expensive at Don Muang Airport?

10th Jan 2018

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On Wednesday, Bangkok-based businessman Akihiro Koki complained to the Japanese news portals following his visit to the Don Muang International Airport that the prices of foods and drinks here are too high.

This prompted the Thai military government led by General Prayut Chan-o-cha to open an investigation about this. In addition, according to the junta spokesman Colonel Athisit Chainuwat, Gen. Prayut ordered agencies and shops at the airport to “maintain appropriate prices” at the second-largest airport in Thailand.

This is the second such investigation. The previous one was in April, 2016, when General Wittawat Ratchatana, Thai government ombudsman said food court items could not charge more than 50 baht per meal and 10 baht per water bottle.

However, if you ask DMK officials, the vendors there are offering a range of prices that cater to both those with lighter and fuller wallets.

Don Muang’s General Manager Suthirawat Suwannawat said:

You can find Minere water for 35 baht right next to Evian water priced 85 and 125 baht. They’re right next to each other in the shop. It’s up to what he (the Japanese traveller) wanted to present. If you came here, you would know. You can find 60 baht food at the welfare shops that Chinese tourists love to come eat at.

According to Mr. Suthirawat, once past the immigration checks, vendors are free to charge as they please.

He said:

S&P for example, might be 5 to 10 percent more expensive than shops in the city. However, royal project shops pay no rent and sell items relatively inexpensively. Thai people might overlook those shops, but Chinese tourists don’t.

Finally, he invited tourists to come and see the prices for themselves:

If you know where to look, there’s really both cheap and expensive food. You can eat a 180 baht buffet with sushi and New Zealand mussels at the Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok Hotel. For the quality of the food, a buffet like that will cost you at least 600 in the city. That buffet is overflowing with farangs (Thai word for a person of white race and European origin).