6 Most Romantic Things for Couples to Do in Thailand

Phuket Longtail boats

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Thailand is the best destination filled with all the right elements. From luxury camping stay to candlelit dining in a private cove, the ‘Land of Smile’ has everything.

Here is a list of things couples can enjoy while they are in Thailand to flame up your romance.

Couple's Spa Treatment

The massage of Thailand is famous worldwide for its therapeutic advantages and excellent masseuses. Take your better-half to a Thai spa and reserve a soothing couple massage.

There are several body massages you can choose from, but the one including a whole-body massage with aromatic oil & shower is recommended.

The world-class masseuses will provide private bathing and steam rooms for you and your special one. You can freely dip naked in hot water tub with your spouse.

So take advantage of this affordable therapy, pamper your special one & yourself and gear-up for a cuddling night after.

Bang Krajao Cycling Adventure

Bangkok has many secret places for couples, and one of them is Bang Kra Jao, the city’s hidden garden across the Chao Praya River. It is a charming village immersed with tropical flora and pilgrimages.

The easy 22km journey starts when all the tourists gather around their respective hotels with a cycling guide. The guide will give you the brush up of the routes and any safety measure that you need to look after.

Through the maze of waterways and the verdant jungle, you will have an overview of this unique area of Bangkok. You can discover the Ayuthaya era temple on your way. Moreover, there are many restaurants and shops along the way. So you can rest whenever you want to and treat yourself.

The only thing to be careful about is the raised waterway roads. They are narrow, but since there are no hills present, the route is easy to cover.

Overnight Cruise

Mostly couple either begins or ends their honeymoon vacation in Bangkok.

Even in your Thailand tour package you an include an overnight cruise. Although there are many famous places to dine with your lover, nothing can beat the candlelit dinner on a cruise under stars. 

An overnight tour on a boat cruising down the Chao Phraya River can make your partner fall in love with you all over again. The cruise will take you to the famous spots of the city.

You can even choose to dine on the highest deck of the cruise to have a perfect view of the night beauty of Thailand. Or, you can reserve a private table covered with candles, roses, and champagne and experience the best night of your life.

Moreover, if you want to add more adventure, request a private speedboat, and drive away to explore the world with whiskey and love.

Floating Market Tour

The floating markets in Thailand are the nation’s biggest tourist attraction. There are numerous floating markets in Bangkok, Khlong Lat Mayom, Bang Nam Pheung, Damnoen Saduak, to name a few.

You and your better half can experience the lifestyle of the native people who work & live on these interlinked water paths. As you arrive at the waterways, you admire the immense piles of vegetables and fruits, beautifully stacked on small boats.

Damnoen Saduak, the largest and most famed floating market in Bangkok is open for visitors all the time. During the Damnoen Saduak floating market tour, you will pass through the appealing Rachabur province and explore the lifestyle of the people.

Probably stopping by a coconut farm is also a good idea and discover the stages of sugar-making from coconuts.

Private Speedboat

Cruising on a private speedboat is probably the best idea for couples to start the Thailand tour. Far away from busy Thailand, you and your partner can enjoy the unforgettable moments of your life.

A private speedboat trip from Phuket to Phi Phi island can add colors into your romantic relationship. You and your lover can spend a whole day in a private speedboat and enjoy every moment of your honeymoon.

Enjoy the sightseeing, scuba diving and snorkeling while you two love-birds are on a private speedboat. You can also relish the breathtaking view of the sunset while sipping the Rhum cocktail.

Visiting The Sarojin

The Sarojin is the elegant beachside hotel that gives couples the chance to have a private dinner. This hotel in Phang Nga has all the romantic features a couple can think of.

You can select the dining among several charming locations of the hotel, such as a waterfall across the jungle or beside the scenic beach. The couple can also choose from a few other heart-hacking places like on a shipwrecked, or in the tropical gardens near Sarojin.

You can also relish double daybeds, an outstanding spa, diving in the early morning, a lunch beside a hidden waterfall, and much more.

Final Thoughts

So as you see, Thailand has all the ingredients of an enjoyable romantic escape. If you dream of a far-flung getaway to spark the romance, Thailand can be a great place to be at.