Suvarnabhumni airport preparing for high season

29th Nov 2022

Suvarnabhumi Outside

Airports in Thailand are streamlining processes and adding personnel in preparation for the first true high season since the COVID-19 epidemic. Minister of Transport Saksayam Chidchob examined Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand's primary hub, to assess the airport's readiness for a substantial rise in tourist traffic.

Immigration bottlenecks are a significant concern for airports preparing for an influx of visitors. With more personnel and a simplified passport check system, Saksayam says that waiting times for incoming foreign travellers at immigration should be reduced to 15 minutes or less.

Immigration agents have been taught to efficiently process every passport submitted by a foreign arrival. One minute is currently the average wait time at the immigration counter. With more airport personnel and expedited processes, immigration should be able to process 3,000 individuals through passport control in only 20 minutes.

According to the National News Bureau of Thailand, the Minister of Transport was also concerned about airport baggage recovery. After promptly and efficiently passing customs, he urged that travellers should not have to wait too long for their bags to reach the baggage carousels. He said that it should take no more than 30 minutes for luggage to be unloaded and made accessible for travellers to collect.

The minister said that this month has already seen a surge of foreign travellers due to the peak season, and that December would bring much more. According to the statistics he presented, Bangkok's primary airport now serves an average of 115,000 passengers every day. This figure is anticipated to reach at least 130,000 each day in December.

And officials estimate that the number of arrivals will continue to increase in the coming year. At some point during the first three months of 2023, China is anticipated to relax its COVID travel restrictions. Chinese tourists will be permitted to go overseas once again. Before COVID, Chinese tourists comprised a disproportionate share of foreign visitors to Thailand and most of Southeast Asia.