Suvarnabhumi arrivals close to pre-COVID levels

14th Nov 2022

Suvarnabhumi Busy

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok's major airport and the principal international hub of Thailand, recorded 57,000 foreign arrivals on Thursday. This figure is startlingly similar to the 60,000 immigrants that arrived daily before the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to Flight Stats, around 266 international aircraft arrived, with 49,000 foreigners out of a total of 57,000 people.

Immigration agents issued an official statement confirming the statistics. At the height of the epidemic, immigration agents at Suvarnabhumi Airport processed 3,500 passports every thirty minutes. They were able to process the 3,000 foreign passengers an hour quickly and without anyone having to wait outside the main immigration area.

This time, though, the airport is less equipped to accommodate the rush of foreign travellers. Depending on the time of day, some arriving visitors have stated that the immigration procedure has been busy and arduous, while others have said that everything has gone well.

Immigration were quick to find someone else to blame, saying that their methods and people were good, but that problems with language and communication, as well as worries about the airlines, had slowed the process down a lot.

After arrival, travellers have reported lengthy taxi lines, forcing airport authorities to seek extra taxi drivers and even the assistance of Grab drivers.

Many in the tourist business are discouraged by what they perceive to be a poor first impression for overseas visitors to Thailand. They have gone to social media to encourage all necessary authorities to collaborate as swiftly as possible to streamline and expedite the arrival process. They observed that peak season is coming and expressed optimism that foreign visitors would continue to rise.