Aerothai Urged to Address Air Traffic on Thai Airports

20th Jan 2020

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The Ministry of Transport is urging the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (Aerothai) to address the increasing air traffic problem that is prompting flight costs surging and planes waiting for landing space.

Deputy Transport Minister Thaworn Senneam said last week that the issue is sending flight costs higher by over 100 million baht annually. He said that Thailand is undoubtedly an airline hub due to its surging tourist arrivals.

Last year, over one million flights landed in Thailand and brought in 39 million foreign tourists. The figure was higher by 2.63 percent as compared with the 38 million registered in 2018. Senneam said that Aerothai should focus on aviation safety to help address the growing flight volume. Over the next 15 years, flights arriving in Thailand are expected to increase to around two million.

Senneam cited for instance, when a Thai Airways plane circled and flew indirectly from Phuket to Bangkok via Suvarnabhumi Airport, cost as much as 100 million baht per year.

Should Aerothai be able to address traffic routes, he said flight costs are expected to dwindle.

At present, Aerothai is on the lookout for a parallel domestic flight hub to reduce density by establishing connecting routes to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Aerothai said the plan will support international flights and fly-throughs which are seen rising by 3.8 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively.

Senneam, meanwhile, said that Thailand is becoming an air transport hub in Asia, with traffic volume quite dense but is tend to increase.

At present, average traffic is at 3,000 trips daily, or equivalent to one million trips yearly.

The International Air Transport Association projects that Thailand will rank as one of the world’s top 10 in the aviation industry.