Thai Airways Steps Up Screening on Passengers from Cambodia

20th Feb 2020

Suvarnabhumi Outside

Thai Airways International Public Co. Ltd. is leveling up its screening efforts for passengers arriving from Cambodia amid news that a passenger aboard the Westerdam cruise ship contracted coronavirus.

The luxury ship - which was carrying 2,257 passengers - was allowed to dock in Cambodia 13 days after it was turned away by five ports including Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Guam, and the Philippines over fears of coronavirus.

Thai Airways said that the intensified measures will be imposed on all flights between Phnom Penh and Bangkok until February 29. Among its measures include arranging a special team to observe symptoms on passengers, denying boarding of those with symptoms, allocating special seats to passengers aboard the cruise, and disinfecting its aircraft.

The Ministry of Public Health announced earlier this week that travelers from Cambodia are banned from entering Thailand for a period of 14 days beginning February 14, except for those who are required to enter Thailand.

Apart from Thai Airways, the government of Thailand also launched its own measures to ensure that coronavirus will not spread further, including intensified screening measures, and urging Thai nationals to postpone visits to countries with a high number of coronavirus patients such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan.