FlyDubai Launches Direct Flights to Pattaya

23rd Jan 2023

Relaxing at Airport

On Friday night, the low-cost airline FlyDubai made its first direct trip from Dubai to Pattaya with 158 people on board. Admiral Rapeepong Sowan welcomed the passengers as the director of U-Tapao Airport, the deputy mayor of Pattaya City, and the head of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office in Pattaya.

The TAT said that Flydubai would operate seven nonstop weekly flights between Dubai and U-Tapao.

Thailand was the 20th most popular country for visitors from the UAE in 2017, with 66,000 people arriving there. The TAT estimates that around 150,000 visitors from the UAE will travel to Thailand this year, bringing in an estimated 14 billion baht (US$430 million) at an average cost of roughly 90,000 baht (US$3,000) for each traveller.

Flydubai has been attempting to increase the number of its routes, notably to Asia. Launching the Pattaya route is a vital component of the airline's plan to link Dubai with well-known tourist locations. With its beaches, nightlife, and cultural attractions, Pattaya is a well-liked vacation spot for visitors from the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. Residents of the UAE will now find it simpler to visit Pattaya, which was previously only reachable via connecting flights, thanks to this change.

Many restaurants on Pattaya's Walking Street lament that they still need assistance with a low business level despite an increase in international guests on direct flights to Pattaya. They are excited about the return of Chinese tourists, which is expected to give a big boost to the tourism industry. After three years of restrictions, Chinese tour groups can now go back to Thailand.

Since last year, when the COVID-19 epidemic ravaged the tourist business, 240 planes are anticipated to arrive over the Chinese New Year period. Due to the large ethnic Chinese community in Thailand, Chinese New Year is a significant holiday. The Chinese-Thai minority in Thailand has long observed the occasion, often known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. Events like dragon parades, fireworks displays, dancing performances, and more may be seen during festivals.

Between January 20 and 22, Pattaya will hold the Pattaya Chinese New Year Festival in the Central Pattaya Activity Lawn, Lan Pho Public Park, Na Kluea, and Walking Street. Concerts, lion and dragon dance performances, and a historical display will be part of the celebration. Red lamps have been placed across Pattaya, including Beach Road.

In conclusion, FlyDubai's introduction of nonstop flights to Pattaya will increase travel from the United Arab Emirates to Thailand. The airline's expansion to well-known regional tourism hotspots like Pattaya would make it simpler for UAE citizens to visit and discover new areas. It is anticipated that the inflow of Chinese visitors over the Chinese New Year will have a considerable positive impact on the regional economy. The TAT and Pattaya authorities' efforts to attract visitors with various cultural events and activities would aid in reviving the area's failing small enterprises. The opening of the Pattaya route is a good step for the tourism sector since it will increase the number of visitors, increase income, and strengthen the local economy.