Thai Airways add 34 flights to winter schedule

25th Sep 2022

Thai Airways Plane

Thai Airways has revealed its winter flight schedule from October 30 to March 25, 2023, with 34 flights departing Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport for Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak swept the globe over two years ago, Thailand's national airline has suffered adversity. But THAI has said that it will rent three more planes and hire 600 more people this year as part of a plan to get back to making money.

THAI has identified a buyer for five unused Airbus A340s that are thirteen years old. One A340-500 and four A340-600 aircraft were sold for 350 million Thai Baht.

Since the Bankruptcy Court authorised a debt restructuring plan for the airline in 2020, the deal will aid THAI on its path to financial recovery.

Flights scheduled  - Europe and Australia

  • Bangkok - London Heathrow: Two flights every day
  • Daily flight Bangkok - Paris Charles de Gaulle
  • Bangkok - Zurich: Flights Daily
  • Bangkok - Frankfurt: Two flights every day
  • Bangkok - Munich: Flights Daily
  • Bangkok - Copenhagen: Flights Daily
  • Bangkok - Stockholm: five weekly flights on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
  • Bangkok - Sydney: fly every day
  • Bangkok-Melbourne: flight every day

Asia, Southeastern Asia, and the Middle East

  • Two daily Bangkok - Tokyo Narita International Airport flights
  • Bangkok - Haneda Airport in Tokyo: Daily flight
  • Bangkok - Nagoya: Daily flight
  • Bangkok - Osaka: Daily flight
  • Bangkok - Fukuoka: Daily flight
  • Bangkok - Sapporo: daily service commencing 1 December 2022
  • Bangkok - Taipei: Daily flight expanding to twice daily service February 2023
  • Bangkok - Manila: Two daily flights
  • Bangkok - Seoul: Three flights every day
  • Bangkok - Hong Kong: Two daily flights
  • Bangkok - Singapore: Three flights every day
  • Bangkok - Jakarta: Two daily flights
  • Bangkok - Denpasar: Daily flight
  • Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur: Two daily flights
  • Bangkok - Kolkata: Daily flight commencing January 1, 2023
  • Bangkok - Chennai: Flights daily
  • Bangkok - Hyderbad: Daily flight
  • Bangkok - Bengaluru: Daily flight
  • Bangkok - New Delhi: 22 weekly flights, one every day
  • Bangkok - Mumbai: Flights every day, growing to eleven each week 1 January 2023
  • Bangkok - Dhaka: 10 flights per week, daily service
  • Bangkok - Lahore: five flights each week, daily; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Bangkok - Islamabad: Four flights every week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Bangkok - Karach: Daily flight
  • Bangkok - Jeddah: Four weekly flights on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday beginning January 1, 2023

Every flight is subject to alteration.