Thai Airport’s Passenger Traffic to Hike 6.6% for New Year

26th Dec 2017

AirAsia Plane

As if they weren’t crowded enough, the six major Thai commercial airports, Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Hat Yai, are expected to get even more passenger traffic during the New Year holiday season.

The Airports of Thailand (AOC), which operates these six airports, received notifications that in the period between 28th December this year and 3rd January next year, a total of 2.94 million passengers will pass through these airports. That will be approximately 420,000 passengers each day.

This means that passenger traffic will go up during this period by 6.6%. And it could have been even more, but all airport slots, expect at one airport, have already been taken.

General Manager of Don Muang International Airport, Suthirawat Suwannawat said about this:

We cannot increase our passenger throughput by much because all of the slots are fully taken.

In addition to this, aircraft landings and take-offs are also expected to increase to 17,570 during the holidays, or 2,510 per day. This will be 5.8% above the same period last year.

Individually, the largest Thai airport Suvarnabhumi will see an increase in passenger traffic of 2.7% and of 5% in aircraft movement. The main Thailand gateway should serve 1.32 million passengers and 5,200 aircraft in this period.

Don Muang will see an increase in passenger traffic of 4.9% and of 3.4% in aircraft landings and take-offs, or 781,400 passengers and 5,200 aircraft.

Phuket International Airport passenger traffic and aircraft movement will increase by 16% and 12% respectively. The third-largest commercial airport expects 425,300 passengers and 2,500 aircraft in this period.

Chang Mai passenger traffic is expected to increase 11.1% and aircraft movement 5.4%, to 243,900 passengers and 1,630 aircraft.

The biggest surge of passengers and aircraft is expected at Chiang Rai Airport – 42.6% up for passenger traffic and 19.4% for aircraft movements – for 78,200 passengers and 420 aircraft.

Finally, Hat Yai Airport passenger traffic for this period is forecasted to increase by 4% and aircraft movements by 4.7%. This means that the airport will see about 89,100 travellers and 620 aircraft during the New Year holidays.