Suvarnabhumi to speed up check-ins

28th Aug 2022

Busy Airport

Starting September 1, Terminal 4 at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport will use a passenger validation system (PVS) for local and international travellers leaving the country.

The airport said on Saturday that PVS would make passenger screening more efficient and raise the airport's security level to international standards.

The following has the system installed:

  • Eight counters in rows C-D for Thai passport holders departing the country.
  • Two counters for exiting foreign passport holders in Zone 2 rows J-K.
  • Two check-in counters are arranged in rows L-M
  • Three counters for international passport holders in Zone 3 rows S-T.

To use the PVS, passengers must put their boarding card or e-boarding pass on the reader. The system will then check the details of their trip.

"The PVS will ensure a quick and accurate passenger screening process and prevent unauthorised individuals from entering restricted or flight-controlled areas," the airport claimed. This method will also prohibit the re-use of previously scanned boarding passes.

At counters, officials will give travellers advice and help or for more information, please call 1722.