Phuket International Airport Domestic Terminal has a Leaky Roof

21st Dec 2017

AirAsia Plane

Online photos and clips (two apiece) have been circulating on social media this Monday (18th December), showing buckets placed next to a queue of passengers waiting to board their plane at the Phuket International Airport’s Domestic Terminal. You can guess what they were there.

The airport officials denied that the leaks were connected to the leakage found earlier this month (8th December), which was found in the corridor connecting the Domestic Terminal and the Departure Gates and said that it was related to an “incident resulting from construction”.

The leakage, it is reported, is now fixed and those buckets are no longer needed.

In a statement issued this Wednesday (20th December), Eak Sanij, Assistant to Phuket International Airport’ General Manager Petch Chancharoen said:

On 18th December, at 8: 00 pm, it was reported that water was leaking from the ceiling at the entrance to the Domestic Terminal. We inspected the leak, and it was due to the demolition of the walls in the area where Phase 2 of the renovation of the Domestic Terminal is underway on the floor above. Some water was flowing out of a pipe from the demolition. Phuket Airport has corrected this leak by coordinating with the contractor to shut off the water flow and fix the pipe. We also cleaned up the area. It was a mistake on the part of the construction company.

Mr. Eak also said that the two leaks were not related and in different sections of the Domestic Terminal, noting that:

This is another case. The previous one was at a different point in the terminal. This one is from the construction works.

Earlier in December, Phuket Airport’s officials confirmed that the works on the leak in the corridor have been completed, but have put an engineering team on standby in case of more leaks (and lo and behold, there were).

Phuket Airport’s GM Petch Chancharoen said:

There was very heavy rain and wind in the area of the airport from at 7:10 pm last night. In addition, the area where the leaks occurred is part of a building which is 29 years old. We placed water containers in the corridor to collect the water coming from the leaks while repairs were carried out. It took workers about 30 minutes to repair the damaged roof area. We are now setting up an official terminal team to watch for further incidents should hard rain come again. We will fix them as soon as they appear. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this situation.