Sukhothai Airport

Sukhothai Airport

Sukhothai Airport is a regional domestic airport located in Sawankhalok district of the Sukhothai province. It is owned by Bangkok Airways which also operates the airfield along with the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. (Aerothai) and the Department of Meteorology.

Construction of Sukhothai Airport took four years and was completed only in 1996. In the same year, Bangkok Airways started flying from the airport to Bangkok via Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Sukhothai Airport is an open-air airport that was designed to save energy consumption.

Transport Options

By Bus

Bus services are available at the airport. Transfers are scheduled and fares cost about 28 baht and will take you to several destinations.

The bus option is advisable for passengers carrying smaller luggage.

By Taxi

Passengers seeking convenience over budget could take the taxi option when transferring from the airport to their desired destination. Taxi cabs can be easily found outside the airport or passengers could pre-book a service with one of the providers, Taxi Sukhothai, through calling their hotline number.

By Car Rental

Passengers who wish to travel at their convenience could opt to take the car rental option from the airport. One of the service providers at Sukhothai Airport is Eddy Rent A Car, but every car service has its driver.

By Minivan Service

Minivan services are available at Sukhothai Airport and are offered by Bangkok Airways and Eddy Rent A Car.

For Eddy Rent A Car, minivan services cost 300 baht for the first 10 kilometers, thereafter a 15-baht charge will be imposed for every succeeding kilometer.

Meanwhile, Bangkok Airways transfers passengers from the airport to some of its hotel partners in the province. If unsure, you can check with Bangkok Airways if your hotel is one of its partners. The schedule of Bangkok Airways’ minivan services depends on the arrival of every flight.

By Private Car

Taking this option is like taking a taxi cab, except cars look private. This option is best for passengers in a group or those carrying much luggage. Eddy Rent A Car also offers this service.


Sukhothai Airport offers an ample amount of amenities for passenger use. Among the facilities are a lost baggage counter, an information desk, a first-aid room, a public telephone, an ATM, a bicycle service of use for free, snack and beverage shops, and a restaurant that offers Sukhothai noodles, as well as beverage and desserts.

The restaurant is located south of the airport’s departure building.