Nok Air allows pets on Bangkok-Chiang Mai flights

13th Jun 2022

Nok Air Facebook post

Nok Air has introduced a "Pet On Board" programme for passengers who wish to bring their pet with them on the airline's Bangkok - Chiang Mai route. The airline is providing round-trip flights from Bangkok's Don Muang Airport to Chiang Mai for 12,999 baht for two people and one pet.

Nok Air announced in a Facebook post that travellers will be permitted to bring one pet into the cabin with them exclusively on flights between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, for a ticket price of 12,999 baht for two people and one pet.

The airline released a photo of a cat looking out the window of an aeroplane, but did not specify which "pets" would and would not be permitted on the flight. A Facebook user commented, "I keep snakes as pets."

Nok Air stated that additional information regarding the "Pet On Board" programme will be provided shortly. Hopefully, these specifics will address which animals qualify for the programme, up to what weight, and whether the animals are required to have microchips or special vaccines.

The airline did not specify when the programme will commence or when tickets would be available.

Currently, Nok Air is the only Thai airline that permits pets in the cabin on domestic flights, with the exception of those that permit service dogs. Thai Airways did used to permit pets in the cabin, but has since discontinued the policy. Thai Airways and other domestic airlines in Thailand offer a service called "pets as checked baggage," in which animals are transported below the cabin.