AOT Tightens Screening for Arriving Passengers of Westerdam Ship

18th Feb 2020

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The Airports of Thailand (AOT) is tightening screening measures for arriving passengers who were aboard the Westerdam cruise ship.

AOT announced on Monday that it is working the Disease Control Department of the Public Health Ministry to intensify the screening of passengers who were aboard the luxury ship that docked at Sihanoukville in Cambodia last week.

More passengers are set to arrive at Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang, and Phuket international airports until February 21, but AOT said all said airports will have a separate bay for carriers arriving from Cambodia, similar to the practice on carriers from China.

Suvarnabhumi Airport handles 19 daily flights from Cambodia, while Don Muang and Phuket receives one flight each from the said country.

Cambodia last week allowed Westerdam cruise ship to dock after it was denied from five countries, including Thailand, over fears that some of its 2,200 passengers were infected. It received praise including from the US president, Donald Trump.

Upon arrival in Cambodia, 20 passengers were confirmed to be infected with coronavirus, one of them, an 83-year old American.

A Thai Airways aircraft with flight number TG 585 arrived in Thailand from Phnom Penh on Sunday, carrying 27 passengers believed to have disembarked from the cruise ship. All passengers, however, tested negative for the virus.