AirAsia considering Using Facial Recognition Check In

15th Oct 2019

Flight Info Boards

Thai AirAsia has made a request to the Transport Ministry to use face recognition technology at check in counters which would cut in half time taken for check in to their flights.

The government committee made up of the Department of Airports, the Royal Thai Police, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Interior Ministry, has until the end of October to report on the suitability of the technology and how it should be used. They will be considering the legality of such a system, how security will be affected as well as how personal data will be handled.

Should the system get then go ahead then a trial will be put in place at smaller airports: Nan, Buriram, Roi Et and Nakhon Phanom.

The main benefit of the system is to reduce check in times. AirAisa say that the average airport check in time at the counter is 90 seconds. Many Thai airports suffer from long check in queues and AirAsia would be the first airline in the country to implement such a system. 

Delta Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue Airways, amongst others in the United States currently use similar biometric face scanners for some domestic flights.