Pai Airport

Pai Airport

Pai Airport is a domestic airport located in the province of Mae Hong Son, Thailand. It serves the province’s small town, Pai.

The Japan Imperial Army established Pai Airport during World War II in 1939 and later abandoned it after the war concluded.

The local government of Mae Hong Son then took over the deserted airfield and developed it for the accommodation of regular flights. In 2017, the local government sought for the expansion of the airport to boost tourist arrivals but the plan was blocked by its constituents.

Pai Airport has been out of service since Kan Air and Wisdom Airways discontinued operations in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Getting to Pai Airport

Pai Airport last served only to connect passengers from and to Chiang Mai International Airport. The airports are located 144.5 kilometers away from each other. By minivan, travelling between the two points usually took two to three hours, as compared with only 25 minutes by plane.


Pai Airport was only able to accommodate a limited number of facilities due to its small size, such as a check-in counter, a baggage counter, and a waiting area for passengers.