Kan Air

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Kan Air is a domestic air carrier operated by Kannithi Aviation Co. Ltd, with its main base at Laksi, closely located from the Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, with flights taking off from the Chiang Mai International Airport. It currently offers services for charter and scheduled flights throughout the northern territories of Thailand. The airline has recently announced its plans of growing its operations to encompass southern Thailand, including Bangkok.

The budget airline’s chartered flights to Mae Sariang Airport in Thailand’s northern Mai Hong Son province occur frequently, but due to the Mae Sariang’s limited infrastructure, flights to the area are chartered rather than scheduled.

Apart from its chartered and scheduled flight offerings, Kan Air is an active participant in medical evacuation (medivac) operations, particularly in remote areas of the country, during both day and night.

Kan Air boasts of brand new aircraft the company purchased in 2011: top-of-the-line turbine-powered 12-seater Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, furnished with a cutting-edge EFIS glass cockpit. This new aircraft acquisition is in line with the airline’s goal of further expanding the Kan Air fleet to service new destinations.

Operating under the company slogan, “Flying with nature,” the airline seeks to facilitate passengers’ convenience and flexibility of time. With the demand for an increase in air transportation services stemming from business growth and tourism in the country, Kan Air strives to be an industry leader in promoting tourism through speed, safety, and reasonably-priced airfare.

Kan Air currently services eight destinations in northern Thailand for a flat one-way fee: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sot, Nan, Pai, and Phitsanulok, and Mae Sariang, the latter its latest destination with flight schedules set twice a week between Chiang Mai and the border town of Mae Sariang.

Kan Air Promotions

A domestic airline managed and operated by Kannithi Aviation Co. Ltd. and based near the Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, Kan airlines specializes in ferrying air passengers to and from the northern part of Thailand.

With its charter and scheduled services, it currency plies eight destinations using a Cessna 208B 12-seater Grand Caravan featuring G1000, and the airline recently announced its intention to expand its operations in Southern Thailand, as well as in Bangkok.

Operating under the motto: “Flying with nature,” Kan Airlines flies from Chiang Mai Airport to Chiang Rai three times a week, to Pai daily, to Phitsanulok four times a week, to Mae Hong Son twice a day, to Mae Sot thrice weekly, and to Nan four times a week.

Kan Airlines offers an online booking facility that accepts credit card payments on its website, and also allows passengers to change their flight schedule online, as well as check-in via its Manage Booking page. Payments are also accepted over-the-counter at airports via cash or credit, and through the airlines’ call center via bank transfer. Travelers are likewise allowed free checked-in baggage of up to 20 kilograms upon arriving for their flights.

Current flight promotions include a Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang and back flight on Fridays and Sundays at BHT 990, a round trip flight from Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok four times a week at BHT 899, daily round trip flights to Pai for BHT 1790, round trip travel thrice a week to Mae Sot for BHT 1790, twice a week flights from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and back at BHT 1490, daily Mae Hong Son round trip flights at BHT 1490, round trip air travel to Nan four times a week at BHT 1790.

The airline’s website features a page offering comprehensive information on its destinations, as well as tourist and traveler tips, prime spots, festivals, and other areas of interest in the vicinity.

Kan Air Booking Information

A domestic airline operating out of Chiang Mai International Airport, Kan Air offers scheduled and chartered flights to northern Thailand. It flies to 8 destinations, including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, Mae Sot, Nan, Pai, Phitsanulok, and Khon Kaen on its Cessna Grand Caravan 208B.

Kan Air offers online booking through its website, http://www.kanairlines.com, where passengers can pay with their credit card. Travelers may also opt to call the airline’s Call Center at +66 (0)2-551-6111 to make their flight reservations at least 24 hours in advanced, and making payment via bank transfer to Kan Air’s Siam Commercial Bank account, Kannithi Aviation Co., Ltd.

Passengers may also go directly to the Kan Air Counter at the Chiang Mai International Airport or at the airport of the airline’s other 8 destinations, and book their flights through cash or credit card.

Kan Air ticket holders are advised to check-in 30 minutes before their scheduled flight time with their allowable 20 kg. of baggage per passenger.

For more information about booking a trip on a scheduled flight or chartering a flight, travelers may visit Kan Air’s head office at Kannithi Center Office Direction located at 100/519 Moo 2, Chaeng-Wattana Rd. Thungsonghong,Laksi in Bangkok. They can also contact the airline through its landline numbers at +66 (0)2-551-6111 and +66 (0)2-576-0844, or email Kan Air at [email protected] They may likewise opt to inquire at any Kan Air Counter at the airport.